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Dirk Baelus

Top-level sport in an alternative way, in a natural way. Dirk experiences more energy, vitality, better recovery & less illness or injury.

The iron man

After his accountancy studies, Dirk Baelus (1979) ran a pub in his native village of Arendonk. As a pub owner he really drained his body. He worked long nights, lived unhealthily, smoked and loved his beer. A boyish bar bet at the end of August 2004 changed his life. A regular customer talked about his plans for a quarter triathlon. Dirk, who was still playing football at that moment, was immediately interested - as a child he used to race on his bike and run against his cousin around the block. Shortly after that he got injured while playing football, which was his cue to say goodbye to football and embrace triathlon into his life.

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Dirk's training

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    En route vers l'equilibre

    Dirk Baelus (1979) est entré dans la vie professionnelle en exploitant un café à Arendonk, son village natal. Il mène alors une via malsaine, tombe souvent malade, fume, boit ... Un pari de comptoir typiquement masculin va changer sa vie: Dirk se jette corps et âme dans la natation, le vélo et la course à pied. L’homme de fer était né. De son amour pour le triathlon allait naître sa passion pour l’alimentation pure et naturelle.

  • innerme

    Les bases de l'alimentation naturelle

    Simple, honnête et pur: Dirk Baelus (1979) est comme cela dans la vie. Ces trois adjectifs synthétisent également sa vision de l’alimentation, une vision qui s’est imposée tres naturellement.

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“Nature keeps me going!"

Ironman Kopenhagen, DK

3.8km - 180.0km - 42.2km
  • swimming

    0:55:08 61 st

  • cycling

    04:37:5030 th

  • running

    03:14:1757 th

  • finish

    08:52:3823 rd

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