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About Innerme

Innerme is the best organic sports food on the market. Our bars, gels and drinks give you the right energy to perform, without any inconvenience for your body. This way you can focus even better on what you really care about!

Innerme is more than just food, it is a way of life. The right selection of natural foods in the bars, gels, drinks and shakes, generates pure power, lots of energy and vitality. Three words really sum it up: simple, fair and pure - and that is what founder Dirk Baelus (1979) wants out of life. The three keywords summarise his vision on nutrition. First this former pub owner decided to come off cigarettes and drink, then he became a top triathlete and discovered the basis of natural nutrition. 

Innerme products are based on pure, powerful and organic ingredients. These products do not contain refined sugar, are lactose-free and include only gluten-free ingredients. Furthermore, colourants, artificial substances, genetically modified ingredients, preservatives and animal products are banned, which means that all ingredients are 100% natural and plant-based.

How to use Innerme

“Innerme is the only pure and natural organic sports nutrition”
Reading tip

En route vers l'equilibre

Dirk Baelus (1979) est entré dans la vie professionnelle en exploitant un café à Arendonk, son village natal. Il mène alors une via malsaine, tombe souvent malade, fume, boit ... Un pari de comptoir typiquement masculin va changer sa vie: Dirk se jette corps et âme dans la natation, le vélo et la course à pied. L’homme de fer était né. De son amour pour le triathlon allait naître sa passion pour l’alimentation pure et naturelle.

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